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Cars of Palestine has been an active club of automotive enthusiasts for about 30 years now. We have driven to many beautiful places in our cars and trucks over the years. One of our favorite places to go to is right here in Palestine, the Dogwood Park.

Potties in the Park

Only we can never stay as long as everyone would love to because there is no place to . . . well . . . go. When we were younger it wasn’t to awfully bad to find a tree or bush, the park is full of those. But the older we get the more difficult, if not impossible, that is. In recent years port-a-potties were placed in the park but only during Dogwood Trails time. They are very welcome site when you need them but do not help the view at all.

We have hosted many out of town clubs who have come to visit and tour the beautiful spot in East Texas. They all love the challenge of driving their aging vehicles up Manley Mountain, and stopping to view the lookout vista. It doesn’t matter the time of year the Park is a beautiful place any season but it is spectacular when the Dogwoods and Red Buds are in bloom. Everyone loves it.

If you are able to help in any of these items or are able to contribute funds towards this project please contact Sherry Kirkwood at 903-729-0403. We have a special fund for this project and all donations are fully tax deductible. You may make a monetary donation by using the link below to PayPal.

If You Can Help

Thank you in advance for your help in this project. If we all work together we hope to have this ready for next year’s Dogwood Festival! Potty ON!

Thank You

We Need

Potties Pending - check back often for your go-to place!

None of this stopped us from taking driving tours in the Park it is just too wonderful to see. In fact our favorite thing now is; after we all work so hard for many months on our annual People’s Choice Car Show held in conjunction with the Dogwood Trails. We plan a weekend as soon as we can after the show to go to the Dogwood Park pavilion and have a “Fun day in the Park”. We try to do this during the Dogwood Festival because the port-a-potties are still there because none of us do bushes or trees anymore, at least the ladies don’t. We park our cars all around the pavilion and have a great day horsing around playing silly games with silly costumes to earn silly trophies. It is wonderful and we all look forward to it each year!

The Chronicle of Potties in the Park

A couple of years ago we were at our Fun day in the Park and were talking about how wonderful it would be if there were restroom facilities all year so that we could enjoy the park at other times too. That started some people to look into what it would take to make that happen, to have honest to goodness restrooms here in the park. That would draw more people to Palestine to enjoy the park throughout the year. Tour busses full of people could come in and stop and walk around, not to worry about having to leave quickly to go to a place, well . . . to go.

At the next meeting it was brought up to think about, do we want to start the ball rolling on this project, are we up for it? What can we do? How can we do it? After discussion it was decided that we would ask some questions of the officials of the City and County for advice on what would be needed to get this going. By the next meeting after that we found out that the officials were ready and willing to do what they can to help us get this project going, they have thought about it but funding was a problem for them. Also businesses were asked around about cost of supplies and labor and we learned that most were willing to either donate the item out right, or give it to us at cost! We were on a roll and weren’t going to stop if we could help it.

We have the backing of the local government and businesses. We have plans prepared by Jerry Toole, the pad was built by J. O. Kirkwood Sand and Gravel, Palestine Concrete and Tile Co. has donated the blocks for the walls and TDCJ has committed the labor to build the walls. This project will have to be completed with private funds and donations and there are still a lot that we need to complete it.